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Out of Control? Simplify Your Life

Do you find that many things are out of your control in these uncertain times? Some of us busy ourselves with many small chores and errands. We leave big decisions for “tomorrow” because they seem insurmountable. But tomorrow never comes. Paperwork piles up! Investment reports, insurance policies, legal “stuff”. We avoid important decisions. We promise ourselves to do it later. When we have “more time”.

Why does it seem that we are most stressed by decisions that could simplify our lives? By taking steps that improve the lives of our children? Do we actually want more difficulties, complexities, loose ends?

Getting your affairs in order for both yourself and your families may seem like a task best left for a better time. Could it be that there is not a better time? Have you ever noticed that somehow time slips away? What if now is the best time to choose? While we are in good health, competent to make decisions.

Talk To Someone Who Has Walked Your Walk

I know so many women like you. Joyful women, cheerful, selfless women who spend a lifetime caring for family. But why do you neglect to care for yourself? Generous and giving, you put your plans on hold for others. I am sure you know many other women who embrace life like you. Other women who know what it is all about.

What if you could talk, have a chat with an attorney who has walked that extra mile? In your shoes? Would that be refreshing? Why can’t your wishes compel respect? Why shouldn’t your legacy have meaning? Reflect your values? Why don’t you deserve a LifePlan™?

Remember those piles of reports and statements that have been sitting around? Wouldn’t you feel less stress if you could put your hands on a single, well-organized list of your assets? What would it mean for your children? Wouldn’t this list be an invaluable guide for them? If you became incapacitated? Or at the time of your death?

No one wants to go to the hospital. But if you had to, wouldn’t you like to make those difficult decisions a bit easier on your loved ones? Wouldn’t you lighten the load if you could? LifePlan™ healthcare documents cover virtually all conditions. Saving your family valuable time and resources. Not to mention mental stress. Your LifePlan™ says: Mom thought of everything.

Most of the professional team at the Law Offices of David L. Carrier are women. Younger and older. Attorneys and paralegals. With many years of experience. We welcome the opportunity to talk to other women like us. Like you. Mothers, sisters, wives. We know about your needs and help you get your affairs in order. We have “been there”. We are there.

Let’s face it, you do have the power to create a plan with coherent guidelines. Practical steps with useful information. Handling your assets and health care while you are alive. No squabbling among the kids.

LifePlanning™ establishes clear, workable instructions. To settle matters after your death. Clear. Fair. Quick. No costly and time-consuming probate process. Again, no squabbling.

Isn’t it time for you to talk with someone who’s been on your path? Who has guided others to peace and security? We are waiting to welcome you!
Simplify your life and the lives of your family.

Come in at your convenience. I’d love to talk with you

Just ask for me, Claire Clary, an attorney with The Law Offices of David L. Carrier.

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