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Death Strikes!

5 Immediate Steps and 5 Actions That Can Wait

Death may be sudden and shocking. Death may be expected and tragic. Whether anticipated or surprising, your loved one’s death will affect you in unexpected ways. There is nothing routine about it. Well-meaning friends and relations offer conflicting advice. Confusion reigns. But you can assert control. You can rebuild normalcy. You can do it! Here’s how.

You will be told to let some time go by before acting. On this advice, many families allow years to pass before settling matters. Uncertainty is prolonged. Family tensions can grow. Thoughtful, considered action is necessary for family harmony.

Do These Things Right Now!

1. Notify Family: Phone, Facebook, Text message.
2. Lock the Home and Vehicles (If there are other folks with keys to the home, who are not living at the home, re-key the locks.)
3. Look for Legal Documents: Trust, Will, Funeral Plans, Funeral Representative Designation.
4. Make Funeral Arrangements: Did the loved one make plans?
5. Care for Surviving Pets: This affects them too.

Get These Done In The Next Couple Of Weeks

1. Funeral Home: Secure Death Certificate. Get 10 copies (you won’t need that many, but better safe than sorry.)
2. Post Office: Forward the deceased loved one’s mail to the Trustee or Personal Representative’s address
3. Bank, Credit Union, Financial Advisor, Investment Company: Call them and let them know of the loved one’s death.
4. Cable TV, Internet, Cell Phone, Delivery: Cancel any optional services.
5. Law Offices of David L. Carrier: Give us a call, you have a friend who can help with the rest. At the free initial meeting, you get a roadmap for the process and advice from folks who have helped thousands like you. Do it yourself (no charge!) or have us help (fully disclosed, fixed fees), it’s 100% up to you.

Call Lea Dillard, Senior Trust and Probate Paralegal at (800) 317-2812

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